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Substance Use and Mental Health Support Services

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Name of Organization : Testing from user end

Phone No. : 123456789

Email : tcsylves@gmail.com

Address : IDK.

Brief Description Of Services : We help people!

Name of Organization : Aspen Assessment & Counseling Services

Phone No. : 406-366-4134

Email : 10@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : 505 W Main St, Suite 316 .

Brief Description Of Services :

Peggy Albee, LCPC, LAC, CART, NCAC-1, SAP, MHPP, CRC Dual license for mental health and substance use disorder. Adults and adolescents over age 12. Anger management, offender intervention program (for male batterers), turning points (for female batterers), and Thinking for a change (for individuals on probation). Substance abuse assessments and outpatient treatments. Referral for inpatient treatment, continuing care/relapse prevention, and DOT violation assessments. Jenni Strnad, PCLC, LAC

Name of Organization : Be Balanced Counseling

Phone No. : 406-707-0041

Email : 11@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : Katie D’Autremont, MS .

Brief Description Of Services :

 Telehealth only Couples and adults, anxiety, depression, self-care, phase of life concerns, stress, burnout workplace stress, relational/family stress, or looking for deeper self-reflection.

Name of Organization : Capstone Counseling

Phone No. : 406-380-2258

Email : 12@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Monica Braulick, LCPC Children, teens, adults, play therapy, grief/loss, relationships, depression, anxiety, & trauma therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) trained. Faith-based if desired.

Name of Organization : Christine Tremain, LCPC

Phone No. : 406-366-1828

Email : 13@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Telehealth Only Treatment of trauma in the body resulting in anxiety, panic or post-traumatic stress, depression, grief, and disconnection, perfectionism, co-dependency, and addiction. 

Name of Organization : CMMC Behavioral Health

Phone No. : 406-535-1515

Email : 14@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : Becky Nachtigal, PMHNP 310 Wendell Ave, Suite 202 Lewistown, MT 59457 .

Brief Description Of Services :

Eli Karinen, LCSW Adults, adolescents,

children, and family.

EMDR certified.

The behavioral health department’s mental health services can help you discover workable solutions to the problems that affect you and your family’s health and well-being. Timely and cost-effective assistance for people who need counseling and personal or family support is offered by mental health professionals and care coordinators.

Name of Organization : Cottonwood Counseling

Phone No. : 406-350-0016 / 406-350-3637

Email : 15@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Teresa Majerus, LCPC 

Teens and adults.

Trauma therapy, crisis debriefings, faith-based if desired. EMDR trained.

Name of Organization : Cornerstone Counseling

Phone No. : 406-380-2258

Email : 16@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Monica Braulick, LCPC 

Telehealth Only Children, Teens, Adults, and family. Play therapy, grief/loss, relationship, EMDR trained. CMMC employee assistance program provider.

Name of Organization : Counseling Associates

Phone No. : 406-535-5990

Email : 17@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : 505 W Main St, Suite 225 Lewistown, MT 59457.

Brief Description Of Services :

Deanna Stevenson, LCPC Adults, children, couples, family and group counseling. Anxiety, trauma, bereavement, anger management, identity and self-esteem, eye movement desensitization reprocessing. CMMC employee assistance program provider.

Lisa Gilbert, LCPC Children, adults and family, child abuse, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder. Megan Assenmacher, LCPC (student in training), Children and Families, play therapy. At Counseling Associates, we provide a safe and supportive environment for our clients to receive individual and group therapy. Our goal is to help our clients through their own personal journey. We offer various treatment approaches for all areas in your life.

Name of Organization : Deborah Hayes, LCPC

Phone No. : 406-350-0928

Email : 18@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Telehealth only Adults with trauma and co-morbid disorders, including alcohol and substance abuse. Certified in Trauma Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and EMDR.

Name of Organization : Hope Harbor

Phone No. : 406-535-2779

Email : 19@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Kristin Henrickson, LCPC

Telehealth Available Sees all ages. Anxiety, depression, post-,traumatic stress disorder. 

Name of Organization : Mental Health Center

Phone No. : 406-538-7483

Email : 20@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : 212 Wendell Ave Lewistown, MT 59457.

Brief Description Of Services :

Wendy Goffena, LCSW Adults, couples and individuals 18 years old and up. Depression, anxiety, trauma. Trained in EMDR, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Mental Health and chemical dependency services are available to adults and teens in private and group settings. LAC services and telehealth are available as well as ACT 

Name of Organization : OneHealth Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Phone No. : 406-535-6545

Email : 21@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : 311 W Main St Lewistown, MT 59457 .

Brief Description Of Services :

Ty LaFountain, Peer Support Specialist Julie Kirsch, LAC Melody Lark, LCPC Chelsea Solberg, RN These services promote mental health, resilience, and well-being; the treatment of mental and substance use disorders, and the support of those who experience and or are in recovery from these conditions, along with their families and communities. Patients ages 5 and older are accepted for in-person or virtual behavioral health appointments.

Name of Organization : Passages to Peace

Phone No. : 406-535-6614

Email : 22@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Lance Eller, LCPC, LAC, MHPP

Dual License for mental health and addiction. All ages and diagnoses. Post-traumatic stress disorder, co-dependency, grief, counseling, pain management, domestic violence, anger management, sports enhancement, and sexual assault/abuse. EMDR Trained. Substance abuse counseling and evaluations.

Name of Organization : Renewed Hope, LLC

Phone No. : 406-707-0735

Email : 23@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Laurie Sweeney, LAC

State-approved addiction treatment provider, treating adults with a recovery-oriented approach to care. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all and Laurie will help you find the path that’s right for you. 

Name of Organization : Roots Counseling, LLC

Phone No. : 406-707-0233

Email : 24@ferguscountyresources.com

Address : .

Brief Description Of Services :

Kelli Berg, LCPC  Adults, adolescents, and children coping with a variety of mental health issues related to family violence, depression, anxiety, poverty, divorce, substance abuse within families, grief, loss, and other behavioral difficulties. Training and experience in trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

Name of Organization : IWP

Phone No. : 9325513794

Email : nishantmm21@gmail.com

Address : Sample address.

Brief Description Of Services : Description of services

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